Coala Life

Wordpress Multisite with custom E-Commerce solution.


As a growing startup, Coala wanted a clean and fresh look for their website to represent their innovative heart tracker. They also needed a custom e-commerce solution that integrates with their own API and uses Mondido as a payment provider.

The site also had to be a multisite network, so they could scope content by country. On top of that, there was a requirement for custom restrictions based on geolocation.

Coala Life Website

The Solution

We created a Wordpress Multi-Site setup, so each country could have independent content, but all share the same custom theme.
Behind the scenes, all requests go through Cloudfront to a Load Balancer, which is delegating the work between multiple EC2 nodes. This ensures fast load times and a safety net for scheduled maintenance and high frequencies.
Custom Lambda functions handle the geolocation redirects.

The e-commerce solution was realized with a custom Plugin and a VueJS application for the actual checkout flow.