Providing a robust and scalable ticket and membership system, Fotografiska Suite became the center when it came to handling the most critical tasks of Fotografiskas Business, namely the members and tickets.


Highly flexible and customized ticket system

In 2017 Fotografiska Sthlm was in desperate need of a new solution for their membership and ticket management. The physical card system they had in place for the last years was hard to maintain and lacked current GDPR standards. Also the workflows in place made membership sign-ups a dragging and complicated process for both ends.

One of the first questions we asked them was how the system would be used and where one should be able to access and acquire tickets.

On the image below you see what kind of integrations there was that had to be addressed when it came to integrations to the tickets engine.


A highly customizable ticket

On to their next challenge, and that was the actual ticket.

They wanted a ticket that...

  • Can be connected to a member
  • Should only be valid on specific times of the day
  • Should be able to be tied to a user with or without a membership

This led us to provide them with a robust and solid API through which they could generate tickets from any source they wanted to provide it.


As of today the ticketing engine has delivered more than 800 000 tickets and validated over 500 000 tickets without any hick-up.

Fotografiska Suite became their central management point for all customer-related tasks, including:

  • Ticket generation
  • Membership maintenance
  • Online Course bookings
  • Sales and economic-reporting